Tezos Mainnet — Setting Up Home Baking on a Mac

Tez Baker
6 min readNov 30, 2018

Last Tested and updated: 14th April 2020

Source code hash: 063989441228b26244c885cd3508609fe256ae51

The mainnet was officially launched 17th September 2018, although it was just a label change of the betanet. Betanet has been successfully running since 30th June 2018 and today the Tezos foundation announced the switch to the mainnet. https://twitter.com/TezosFoundation/status/1041675135412043776

Installing a Mainnet Tezos Node from Source on macOS 10.15.1: Catalina

These are the steps for installing the mainnet Tezos node from source on a macOS. These instructions are based on the source code hash version above and can be checked in the next few steps. These instructions are likely to work on a different code version but we only tested it on this version and a later version may not be complete. If this is the case, then contact us and we will update these instructions.

We tested our home baking install on iMac 4Ghz intel Core i7 with 32GB. The full install takes about 15 minutes but well over a week to sync up the chain (as of March 2020). We are constantly building nodes and updating this document, if you have any issues please let us know. The current disk space requirement is 50GB so, make sure you have at least 100GB before you start and will need to a SSD.

We are constantly building nodes and updating this document, if you have any issues please let us know. These instructions were used for building a node on the date specified above.

Note: we start each new command line with a $ and each line needs to be run separately with a return. The $ is command prompt and should not be copied.

Homebrew package manager (~1 minute)

The macOS doesn’t have any installed package managers so the first step is to install the homebrew package manager.

$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

Install the libraries that Tezos is dependent on (~1 minute)

$ brew install hidapi libev

On Catalina you may see the following error if you have xcode installed:



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