Google sheet for calculating payments on Tezos-Babylon using Baking Bad API

Tez Baker
4 min readOct 19, 2019

A number of bakers have been having issues generating their payments since TZ Scan no longer supports Tezos. We have updated our google sheet to use the awesome Baking Bad API who have stepped up to the plate. This spreadsheet will be ideal for smaller bakers who need a stop gap so they can continue to pay their delegates.

You can find the spreadsheet here and you will need to make a copy to run the rewards:

The spreadsheet is driven by the following fields:

Start and End Cycle Rewards — Go and get rewards between for these cycles (_rewards sheet)

Start and End Cycle Payments — Go and get the rewards for each delegate and compute the payment amount (_cycle payments sheet)

Default Fee — If a fee has not been specified for an address then use this default fee

Baker Address — The baker address that rewards will be calculated

Payment Address — This address is used to create the Tezos command (k column on _cycle payments sheet). With the Babylon release this address must now be a tz account as kt addresses are now smart contracts.

Delegate Filter — You can filter by one delegate address, so this is useful for a delegate to check their rewards

Cycles Per Year — We use this to calculate the APR

Network Fee — This is used to subtract of the delegates reward to cover their fee cost for the transaction

Fee Sheet

The fee sheet enables you do maintain a list of your delegates and the fee you charge them. It has to be adjusted manually as delegates come and go. When the _cyclePayments sheet payments are generated it will use the Fee sheet to look up the fee rate for each delegate to compute the payment.

Column A is a completely generated list of delegates who are to receive rewards and the first thing to do is copy this column and paste the values into column C.

Running the Sheet



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